Latest Furniture Design 2020: Top 10 Styles in Interior Design

2020/09/30 11:13:43

Latest Furniture Design 2020: Top 10 Styles in Interior Design

Interior design styles vary from one house to the next. From the color of the walls, decor used, to the furniture styles incorporated. This is what makes interior design such a fascinating field. The fact that you get to work with a blank canvas and create something magical and homely. 

If you are planning to work on your new home or revamp your current one, the furniture you choose will play a big part. The kind of furniture you decide to use in your space will show who you are and what style you resonate with. Furniture from top brands in the market will be a great addition to your space. However, there are also other options seeing as more manufacturers and furniture exhibitors are paying attention to creating and showing great pieces. Here are the latest furniture designs for you to choose from. 

Traditional Furniture Style

Traditional furniture is considered the parent of all modern furniture designs. It is derived from the old world craftsmanship that assured quality on all their furniture. This furniture style features hand-carved dark wood, classy fabric, and attention to detail. Using this particular furniture design will give your home a refined and elegant look. The dark tones and intricate details add a warm and inviting atmosphere for family and friends. The arrangement of this furniture to complement other decors in the house add to the orderliness of the home. 

European Furniture Styles

EuropeanThis furniture style has been around for centuries and has evolved a lot over time. It features elegance and quality in all the furniture pieces. From seats, beds, and their cabinets, you are assured of a sleek modern look. Most of the furniture is made of cherry wood or walnut that is lightly brushed with a coat of white paint. This helps give the furniture a chic new age look. When you use this furniture style, you bring symmetry and a clean look to your space. Coupled with classic decor pieces, this furniture style would complement any modern home.

French Furniture Styles

French furniture is inspired by different people throughout the centuries. Some were created specifically for the rich and royalty while some were created for the locals. This furniture style features hardwood and gives off a heavy and bulky look. The legs are curved inwards and also have some decor items incorporated. The rich hardwood and unique designs will give your home an inviting and luxurious look.

Wood Furniture Styles

Wood furniture is common in most households. However, finding a home that incorporates natural wood is quite rare. This is referred to as the rustic furniture style. It features wood in its raw form without any embellishments. Using logs and planks in their natural state gives your home life, warmth, and a casual look. Most people have turned to use live edge furniture which is the newest furniture design. It involves wood in its raw form with a bit of polish and adjustment from a professional.

Modern Traditional Furniture


Modern traditional furniture includes different aspects of different furniture styles. It borrows from the rustic, modern farmhouse and Scandinavian styles. The furniture is mainly made of wood with humble finishes to make the furniture appear as natural as possible. This particular style gives your home an inviting feel. It is very simple and is not heavy in style. This means that you can easily incorporate different decor items without making the place too cluttered and unappealing. 

Sculptural Furniture

Sculptural furniture is a representation of creativity when natured right. It is an expression of art through furniture and vice versa. This type of furniture style is made out of different materials including; stone, glass, wood, and metal. It features some elaborate designs that stand out when placed in any space. The shapes are molded with the creator’s imagination having no specific rules or limitations. This means that it is not your standard household furniture. It is best suited for the outdoors where it can complement the environment and add dimension to the outside space.

Italian Furniture Styles 

Italian furniture features different designs that have evolved at different times in history. This furniture style is ornate, elegant, and designed with the best furnishings and quality material. This furniture is made of hardwood that gives off a heavy vibe and is incorporated with luxe fabric. Most of the fabric used in this furniture is textured and gives more dimension to the room. Working with this kind of furniture in your home is going to make it look more luxurious and carefully curated. The decorations used in this space should be minimal to avoid taking away from the gorgeous design of the furniture.

Classic Furniture Styles

If you’re looking for furniture that will show that you invested a lot of money in your space, then classic furniture is your pick. It gives off an expensive and elegant feel with accents of gold and silver on the furniture. This style of furniture design does not require additional decor pieces for your home. This is mainly because the furniture itself is decoration enough and makes the room feel cozy and inviting. However, if you do incorporate decor, be sure to be very minimal.

Sustainable Furniture Styles

This is the best modern furniture that offers you great functionality while still conserving the environment. It is designed to cause less harm to the environment and built to last a long time. All the furniture is made from sustainably harvested wood, recycled, reclaimed, or reusable material. Manufacturers of this particular furniture style consider the health of their workers by using non-toxic adhesives and finishes. The good thing with sustainable furniture is that you can add decor of your choice to complement it. Using this furniture gives your home a clean and warm look with the assurance that you’re contributing to a better tomorrow. 

Art Deco Furniture Style

Art Deco furniture style is from the early 1920s where it was used to emphasize luxury and sophistication. It features geometric shapes, smooth streamlined surfaces, vertical lines, and bold colors with high contrasts. The wood used for this furniture style is often rich hardwoods. Things like ebony, mahogany, and zebrawood are preferred for this craftsmanship. It provides an expensive and luxe look to your home and acts as a furniture piece and decorative item at the same time. If you decide to go with this furniture try to be a bit minimal on the additional decor items in the house. This is because this furniture should be the main attention grabber of your room.


There are different furniture styles for you to choose from. All you need is to know what you’re looking for and how to get it. Determine what you want to achieve with your space and how you want it to feel and look. Consider attending furniture exhibitions where you can get a feel for the different furniture styles. Also, take your time to go through the latest furniture designs in 2020 and get the perfect match for you.  

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