Furniture Fairs in Asia: 10 Best Places for Furniture Trade Shows You Should Visit

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Furniture Fairs in Asia: 10 Best Places for Furniture Trade Shows You Should Visit

Asia is home to over 4 billion people, which is almost 60% of the total world’s population. It does not take any rocket science to realize that this translates to a very huge market that can sustain itself without involving the rest of the world. For this reason, some of the biggest trade shows and fairs are focused on and held in Asia. Among the many various types of shows and fairs, furniture fairs in Asia have become very popular and widespread now more than ever before. We are going to examine some of these furniture fairs in each of the major Asian nations.

China Furniture Fairs

The most popular nation on earth has seen its fair deal of furniture shows for the better part of the last century. China’s history with fairs and shows dates back to 1957 with the inauguration of its first-ever known trade fair called the Canton Fair that still exists to this day. As far as China furniture fairs are concerned, the following are the two most prominent ones.


Fair Scope: Home, Outdoor, Leisure, and Office Furniture

China International Furniture Fair is a bi-annual furniture fair founded in 1998 and has been held 48 times as of 2019. The show is held twice every year in two different locations. The first one takes place in March in Pazhou while the second one takes place in September in the city of Shanghai.

The fair involves the showcasing of home and office furniture, home decor, home textiles, outdoor and leisure, as well as the raw materials involved in the manufacturing process. It hosts over 340,000 visitors every year, including over 7,500 brands from all over the world.

Canton Trade Fair

Fair Scope: Electricals, Household, Furniture, Outdoor

The Canton Fair is one of China’s earliest trade fairs that has been operational since the late 1950s. The event is sponsored by the ministry of commerce and focuses heavily on imports and exports of furniture ware. It is held twice every year, in spring and autumn, in Guangzhou. It has one of the highest attendances of all trade fairs around as it attracts foot traffic from across the globe. 

Singapore Furniture Fairs

Singapore has a very rich history and an interesting story. The country started off as a trading post over 200 years ago, and it has maintained that reputation all through the years even after it became an independent nation. Singapore is now a commercial hub of innovations, and nothing has benefited so much from this than furniture fairs and shows. The two biggest Singapore Furniture Fairs include the following.

Singapore Expo

Fair Scope: Furniture, Home and Decor, Hotel and Food, etc.

Singapore Expo can be described as an expo that hosts other expos. It is the largest trade fair in Singapore that accommodates other fairs in one event. Established in 1999, the venue alone has the capacity to accommodate thousands of people at the same time, thanks to the over 100,000 square meters of space. 

Asia Pacific Furniture Fair

Fair Scope: Furniture and Home Decor

Every year, Singaporean furniture manufacturers, distributors, and other enthusiasts converge in the capital for the annual Asia Pacific Furniture Fair as they have been doing for the last ten years. The event provides a platform for people to have a look at all the latest furniture innovations from around Asia and other parts of the world.

India Furniture Fairs

Being the second most populous nation on earth comes with its own perks, a constant demand base for goods and services. The furniture industry in India is big and has been using furniture fairs to introduce new innovations to its over 1 billion citizens. The following are the most important India furniture fairs right now.

India Furniture Fair

Fair Scope: Furniture

On the back of a $32b furniture industry, the Indian Furniture Fair was created to bring all the furniture stakeholders in India together with the sole purpose of showcasing all the new innovations, interacting with their clients, and forming mergers that make the industry much more formidable. The event attracts over 30,000 visitors every year at its Bangalore International Exhibition Center in Bangalore, Karnataka. The IFF consists of 4 huge halls that sit on 60,000 square meters of space.

India International Furniture Fair

Fair Scope: Furniture, Decor, Outdoor

Within a space of 3 years from its inception, the India International Furniture Fair has grown to become a commanding presence in the furniture fair circles. Held in Mumbai every November, the IIFF has grown from a regional fair to one that hoists international brands and thousands of visitors on its 100,000 square meter complex smack in the middle of Mumbai. The main items showcased are home and office furniture of all kinds drawn from the many regions within the country. 

Indonesia Furniture Fairs

A fun fact about Indonesia that most people do not know is that it is the nation with the highest number of Muslims in the world. And just like many of its neighbors, it was used as a trading post in the past, something that it has carried forward over the years, thanks to its proximity to the sea. As far as furniture fairs go, the following are the two biggest Indonesia Furniture Fairs.

Indonesia International Furniture Expo

Fair Scope: Furniture

If you are in the hunt for the finest rattan furniture in Asia, then the International Furniture Expo is the place you need to be. Held every year in March, the IFEX Indonesia is part of a bigger umbrella exhibition body called the IFEX that stages similar events in other countries. The fair provides some of the largest specialty furniture that is hard to find anywhere else.

Kitchen & Bathroom Indonesia

Fair Scope: Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture

Every mid-March, the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, is transformed into a hive of thousands of people from across the world who are out to check out the Kitchen and Bathroom Expo in Indonesia. The fair is very diverse as it entails building and construction, showcasing of equipment, building materials, and their accessories as well as home decor and furniture. 

Malaysia Furniture Fairs

Malaysia, like most of its Asian neighbors, is heavily involved with a trade that depends on fairs and shows to increase their reach. With a sizable population of about 32 million people, the nation has a very active furniture industry that has so far brought in $334m in 2020. The following are the biggest two Malaysia furniture fairs.

Export Furniture Exhibition

Fair Scope: Home and Office Furniture

The Malaysian Export Furniture Exhibition has been operational for 16 years, and it is held every March in the capital city at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Staged in an area of about 40,000 square meters, the event hosts over 400 exhibitors whose furniture is mainly for exports to other markets. If you have been looking to get your hands on Asian furniture at affordable prices, the EFE Malaysia is the event you should be planning to attend.

Malaysian International Furniture Fair

Fair Scope: Home and Office Furniture

The Malaysian International Furniture Fair has constantly been ranked among the top 10 fairs in South East Asia for as long as it has been around, a testament to how good it is. The event is held in March at the MITEC venue in Kuala Lumpur and plays host to over 6000 buyers from 140 countries around the globe who buy furniture directly from the over 600 exhibitors that grace the event annually.

Philippines Furniture Fairs

There are over 15,000 furniture manufacturers in the Philippines who cater to the demands of a population of about 110 million people, on top of the global market. Most of these are small-sized companies that depend heavily on furniture trade shows and fairs to showcase their wares to the people. The following are two of the biggest Philippines Furniture Fairs.

Philippines International Furniture Show

Fair Scope: Furniture

The Philippines International Furniture Show is held in March every year at the SMX Convention Center in Manilla. The event is a meeting point for thousands of furniture designers, makers and distributors who are not only drawn from the Philippines but from other parts of the world. It is the longest-running furniture fair in the country that sees about 11,000 visitors and over 100 furniture companies.

Manila FAME

Fair Scope: Home Furniture, Decor

Manila FAME is a project that is organized by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry and is the second-longest furniture show in the Asia Pacific region. Held every October, the event focuses heavily on furniture and decor designed exclusively for home use. Most of the showcased items are handcrafted by artists hailing from various regions of the Philippines.

Turkey Furniture Fairs

Turkey has a very rich history with trade, having been part of the Ottoman empire that transformed Asia in the years past. Some of their home decor wares like carpets are in high demand around the world as well as furniture pieces. This is the reason why the country has thousands of trade fairs that are held both locally and in other countries. The following are some of the biggest Turkish Istanbul furniture fairs.

Intermob Fair

Fair Scope: Home Furniture, Forestry Products, Wood

The Intermob Fair is held every year in October at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center. The fair has various categories of items it focuses on that include home furniture, forestry products, wood, and the technologies used in the furniture manufacturing process. Most of the businesses that sign up with the Intermob Fair are SMEs looking to expand their market presence and be able to compete with the bigger established ones.


Fair Scope: Home Furniture, Decorations

The MODEF furniture show is held for six days in the month of October in the city of Bursa. It showcases all types of home furniture and home decorations made with an artistic touch that borrows heavily on Turkish culture. However, unlike most furniture shows in most places, MODEF is an invite-only fair that is open for professionals.

Thailand Furniture Fair

The one thing that is going on for the furniture industry in Thailand is its abundant natural woods, thanks to tough laws that have made it possible for forests to be preserved. Even the furniture manufacturers themselves are adhering to strict sustainability rules to ensure that they only use what is needed to maintain that balance in the ecosystem. Some of the biggest Thailand furniture fairs include the following.

Thailand International Furniture Fair

Fair Scope: Furniture, Interior Decorations

Thailand International Furniture Fair was started in 1997 as the official national trade fair with the aim of bringing all the furniture stakeholders together to further grow the industry. Some of the products you are bound to run into include house furniture, their accessories, and the latest manufacturing technologies. The event is held for four days in October in Bangkok.

Thai Trade Fair

Fair Scope: Furniture and other Industries

The Thai Trade Fair is an all-encompassing exhibition show that brings together various industries under one umbrella. It provides a venue where the major furniture players bring their innovations to the public, getting the chance to make new clients and attract investments for their businesses. It is held in Bangko every August, attracting people from all over the globe.

Vietnam Furniture Fairs

Vietnam has been using trade fairs for years in a bid to sell itself to global markets; so far, this gimmick has been paying off handsomely. Vietnam is one of the most preferred places for setting up furniture factories, and due to this, the country exports furniture to over 120 countries. The following are some of the most prominent Vietnam international furniture fairs that have made this possible.

Vietnam International Furniture and Home Accessories Fair

Fair Scope: Home Furniture and Home Accessories

The VIFA-EXPO is Vietnam's biggest trade show that is held in March in the capital at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center. Every year the event sells out all its 2,300 booths that are used by hundreds of furniture companies and brands from Vietnam and beyond. The whole site for the event covers an area of over 35,000 square meters. Setting up an exhibit at VIFA-EXPO is a sure bet for your business, given how big the event is in the whole of Asia.

Lifestyle Vietnam

Fair Scope: Furniture, Decor, Sustainable Manufacturing

Vietnam is known for its native forests that are unique to that climate. The Lifestyle Vietnam fair is the one platform that brings out sustainable products made from bamboo and other indigenous wood materials. Lifestyle Vietnam plays host to over 600 exhibitors from all over the world who fill out the 1200 booths available for the event. Lifestyle Vietnam is held every April at the White Palace Convention and Exhibition Center.

Dubai Furniture Fairs

Dubai has fashioned itself as the global hub for luxury; as far as furniture fairs are concerned, Dubai is where you go when you want to get your hands on the exquisite types of furniture that can never be found in any other place. Some of the biggest Dubai furniture exhibitions include the following.


Fair Scope: Furniture, Interior Design, Architecture

INDEX Dubai has been serving the world with one of the biggest furniture expos in the Middle East for over 309 years now. The event is held in May at the Dubai World Trade Center, attracting over 30,000 visitors from across the globe. Getting an exhibition slot at this event may be a tall order due to the high demand for spaces, but will guarantee your business instant growth since it is attended by investors looking to expand their portfolios. 


Fair Scope: Office Furniture, Commercial Interior Design

Office furniture is as important as the office itself. Workspace is the one exhibition that provides businesses with the platform to sample all the modern office furniture the world has to offer. The event is held in May every year at the Dubai World Trade Center and features about 1,200 exhibitors and 30,000 people who come from other parts of the world to purchase furniture and interact with professionals.


Asia has a huge potential as far as the furniture industry is concerned. The sheer population numbers mean that the demand for furniture products is ever rising.  Furniture fairs and exhibitions are a good way of providing people with varied options for selection. If you are in the furniture business in Asia, try to take part in any of the above-mentioned fairs, it could be the break that your furniture business needs.

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