Furniture Fairs in Canada: The Most Popular Trade Shows & Exhibitions

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Furniture Fairs in Canada: The Most Popular Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Being neighbors with a big timer like the US would lead anyone to believe that its hulky neighbor forever overshadows Canada, but that has never been the case. When it comes to planning and setting up trading shows and fairs, Canada can hold its fort without any help. Countless furniture fairs are held across the North American nation that attracts people and companies worldwide. Some of the most notable furniture shows in Canada include the following.

Toronto International Home Show

Date: March 12 - March 21
Venue: Enercare Center, Toronto

Toronto is one of Canada’s biggest cities and the host city of one of Canada’s biggest furniture shows, the Toronto International Home Show. The fair takes an impressive nine days and features over 800 furniture vendors drawn from Canada and other parts of the world. Some of the most prominent interior designers in the world will be found here, and if the artistic nature of interior space is your thing, then this is the single event in the calendar year you cannot afford to miss.

Interior designers, furniture makers, distributors, and architects are some of the professionals who attend the event. Entry is permissible for anyone above the age of 18, subject to having a ticket that can be bought online. Some of the event’s sponsors include Toyota, Philips, Aurora, Leon’s, and other local and international conglomerates.

Vancouver Interior Design Show

Date: October 1 - October 8
Venue: Vancouver

Vancouver is probably Canada's second most popular city, and it is for this reason, among many others, that it plays host to the annual Vancouver Interior Design Show that brings together interior designers from all over to exchange ideas and showcase their latest innovations. The event was established in 2004 under the name Design Vancouver to address the massive gap in home decor and interior design in the Canadian market. Over the years, the event has been managed by various companies, growing to an internationally acclaimed vent today.

In 2019, the Vancouver Interior Design Show attracted over 38,000 visitors, over 7500 designers, architects, furniture makers, developers, and builders. There are options available to potential exhibitors; you can either choose to showcase your products through exhibition stalls or decide to host an event within the fair. Registration is online and has to be completed at least a month before the event.

Canada Woodworking East

Date: April 8 - April 9
Venue: BMO Center, Quebec

Every year, the BMO center in Quebec is transformed into a busy market-like setting as thousands of visitors flock into town to participate in the Canada Woodworking East. The main focus of the event is woodworking machinery and supply. Therefore, most people you will probably see are builders, furniture makers, and generally anyone in an industry that relies on wood. 

Canada Woodworking East takes two days with gates opening from 9 am to 5 pm daily. Exhibitors are offered an array of services that include 24-hour security, forklift services for those with heavy products,  unlimited access to printing materials, free cleaning services after every exhibition, among many others. All you have to do is simply show up with your wares. You can book an exhibition slot online at any time before the date of the event. 

Canadian Furniture Show

Date: May 22 - May 24
Venue: The International Center, Quebec

The Canadian Furniture Show has been around since 1972 and has been run all these years by the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association. It is regarded as the only national furniture show in Canada and is among the largest five trade fairs in the North American hemisphere.

The Canadian Furniture Show brings together manufacturers, retailers, furniture importers, designers, and suppliers of furniture and other related materials worldwide to network and showcases their designs and products to the world. All the latest furniture trends you can think of can be found on this platform, from interior decor to outdoor furniture and accessories. If you have just started a furniture business, then this is the event you should be making plans to attend.

WinDoor Show

Date: November 18 - November 19
Venue: Toronto

Once again, Toronto plays host to yet another big furniture fair called the WinDoor Show held in the middle of November for two days.  The main focus of the vent is to showcase what the window and door industries have to offer. However, they also feature other industries like furniture, interior design since they are all related. A house will need furniture as much as it needs doors and windows. 

Attendees to this event are treated to lots of benefits that include education and training on the latest furniture technologies, the chance to network with some of the biggest industry players, and experience first-hand equipment and products that are yet to hit the market. Applications for exhibition booths can be downloaded from their website for free.

Buildex Trade Show

Date: February 10 - February 11
Venue: Vancouver

The Buildex Trade Show was started 300 years ago and has grown to become the biggest trade show in Western Canada. It is a platform for architects, engineers, construction professionals, property management moguls, furniture creators, and Interior Design experts. All these talents converge in Vancouver to exchange ideas, network, showcase all their latest innovations, and, most importantly, provide attendees with a chance to purchase some prized products.

The event also offers educational seminars to anyone interested to learn new things about the various industries that are entangled with Buildex Trade Show. Those looking to book a slot with the event can do so through an online registration platform embedded on their official website.

Alberta Gift & Home Fair

Date: February 21 - February 24
Venue: Edmonton Expo Center, Alberta

The Alberta Gift and Home Fair can be described to be Canada’s most essential gift trade show in the whole country. The event is like a market where attendees flock to get their hands on items they would never run into in any other place. The gifts range from the tiniest objects to large appliances and home furniture. The event is open to people above the age of 16 and has some exciting features for anyone who chooses to exhibit them.

Some of the features they offer their clients include free parking, ample security, cleaning services before the show’s commencement, and at the end of time. There is also access to free WiFi, there is also a nursing facility nearby, on top of the expo center itself being very accessible.

Architect At Work Canada

Date: April 28 - April 29
Venue: Enercare Center, Toronto

Architect At Work is a global trade fair held in many other parts of the world; the Canadian version is an exclusive meeting point for architects, interior designers, and other professionals drawn from related industries. The event hosts over 300 curated building and interior house products that undergo a strict selection process by a jury of Canadian architects and interior designers.

Some of the benefits one can accrue from participating in this event is the extensive education through the seminars conducted by experienced experts. You also get to showcase your art and other products to the world, which gives your business the much-needed exposure to push it forward. Booking a slot at the Architect at Work Canada is done through their online portal.

Montreal International Interior Design Show

Date: May 28 - May 30
Venue: Place Bonaventure, Montreal

Salon du design Design Show, as it is known in the local French dialect, is a trade fair that is designed for lovers of architecture, interior design, furniture, lighting, kitchen and bathrooms, doors and windows, and so much more. It brings together all these experts into Montreal, where they interact with attendees, taking them through their products and future innovations.

The Montreal International Interior Design Show takes three days and has gates opening from morning to evening. The entry charges are $25 for an adult, $20 for seniors and students, and free for children under 6. One stand out benefit of attending the event is the over 25hrs of free and accredited seminars that will impart you with lifelong skills and lessons that can transform your business. Tickets can be purchased online in advance.

ICFF Toronto

Date: August 31st - September 3rd
Venue: Markham Fairgrounds, Toronto

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair is an international furniture fair with its headquarters in New York City with branches in other cities around the world, among them Toronto. The Canadian version of the event features architects, builders, interior designers, and furniture makers from Canada and other parts of the globe. 

Attending this event gives you the chance to learn from the best since you will be meeting hundreds of experts who have successfully carved a niche of their own in the competitive furniture market. Those that wish to exhibit can book a slot through their website.


Date: March and September
Venue: Guangzhou & Shanghai

The bi-annual event has been held religiously since 1998 in China and brings together some of the biggest furniture makers, whether you are looking for pieces for your home or office furniture for your new business space, then this is the place to be. The CIFF prides itself on hosting as many as 350,000 visitors in a single year with thousands of exhibitors who showcase unique products to the many attendees who flock to the event that doubles up as a furniture market to get hold of prized assets. If the furniture is what tickles your fancies, then this is the event you should make an effort to attend.


The furniture industry in Canada continues to grow as the demand rises. These furniture fairs and shows play a crucial role in expanding that industry by creating awareness among the people. They have transformed how people purchase their furniture; it used to be a matter of visiting the nearest furniture store and carrying anything. But now, thanks to the educational seminars in most of these events, people are putting some serious thoughts into their furniture decisions.

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