Sustainable Furniture Companies: 20 Best Sources For Eco-Friendly Furniture

2020/10/08 22:32:15

Sustainable Furniture Companies: 20 Best Sources For Eco-Friendly Furniture

The focus on the environment has become prominent in the last ten years as more pressure mounts on every manufacturer and every business to find sustainable ways of conducting their business. Climate change has become an urgent issue, and there is no recovering from it if people do not start re-adjusting their practices. Furniture companies, for instance, depend on trees, something that the world is running short of. To counter the effect of this dependency, the following are some of the best sustainable furniture companies.

ABC Home

Furniture Type: Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Rugs, and Carpets
Features: Ethically sourced and Eco-friendly
Company Location: Manhattan, Brooklyn

ABC Homes was created by Paulette Cole to provide sustainable options in the home furnishing area. What began as a small shop for moms has grown to become a commanding figure in the United States’ eco-furniture space. ABC Homes is where you go to when you want elegant designs with a touch of modernity when it comes to furniture and other house accessories.


Furniture Type: Bedroom, chairs, tables, lighting, outdoor
Features: Carbon neutral, low waste
Company Location: Melbourne, Australia

Jardan has been in existence since 1987 and is currently a certified carbon-neutral company that supplies hundreds of items that range from home furniture to electrical appliances to interior decor. All of them are made using sustainable raw materials with international shipping available.

Zhongshan Huasheng Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Furniture Type: High-end furniture, hotel, villas, offices
Features: Non-toxic materials, recyclable wood
Company Location: Zhongshan

Founded in 2004, Zhongshan Huasheng Furniture Manufacturing Co Ltd creates high-end furniture for offices that house the biggest companies in China and beyond. You will also find their artistic designs in hotels and villas. Their eco-friendly pieces are not only in high demand within China but also from outside the continent to as far as South America and Africa. 


Furniture Type: Bedroom, lighting, storage
Features: Eco-friendly
Company Location: Long Island, New York City

Inmod is a New York City company founded in 2003 to provide stylish furniture and other interior accessories made using sustainable materials like bamboo and sustainable wood. Some of its biggest clients include Google and Nordstrom, among many other big names. 


Furniture Type: Seating
Features: Eco-friendly
Company Location: North Carolina

North Carolina is home to Sabai, an eco-furniture company specializing in all types of chairs that can be used in any room around the house. They use certified wood, velvet from recycled furniture and water bottles, and certified foam to create their scratch-proof and water-resistant pieces.

Zhejiang TriMix Technology

Furniture Type: Home furniture, bedroom, decor
Features: Eco-friendly, open spaces
Company Location: Zhejiang

Zhejiang TriMix Technology was established five years ago, and within that short span, the company has managed to register 20 patents of unique home furniture designs that draw inspiration from nature. Using sustainable materials like bamboo and reclaimed wood, Zhejiang TriMix Technology has carved out a niche for itself as the leading home furniture maker in China.

Crate & Barrel


Furniture Type: Dining and Home office
Features: Eco-friendly, reclaimed wood
Company Location: Northbrook, Illinois

Crate & Barrel is the place you go to when you want to furnish your house with eco-furniture designs and other pieces from top to bottom. Their catalog includes dining chairs and tables, as well as office furniture like bookcases and drawers. Most of their bamboo-made products are handcrafted, which makes them unique.


Furniture Type: Bedroom, chairs and sofas, accent tables
Features: Eco-friendly, organic materials
Company Location: California

Having been around for over a decade, Medley has transitioned from a regular furniture seller to an eco-friendly powerhouse on the West Coast. They have put their back into sustainability to the point they do not use any chemicals in their manufacturing processes. If you are looking for pure natural pieces of furniture, Medley’s is the next door you should walk through.


Furniture Type: Bedroom, living room, decor, storage
Features: Eco-friendly, non-toxic
Company Location: Los Angeles

Joybird’s unique furniture pieces are made in Tijuana, Mexico, before being shipped into Los Angeles for distribution across America, it’s the biggest market. The handcrafted designs are made using wood from trees planted by the company in Mexico. They have been commended for their practices and effort at preserving rainforests.

Guangdong Aobin Furniture Co., Ltd

Furniture Type: Home, office
Features: Eco-friendly, open spaces
Company Location: Guangdong

Guangdong Aobin Furniture Co., Ltd was established in 2007 in Guangdong as a sustainable furniture  manufacturer of modern office furniture., With time, due to increased competition and pressure to be a sustainable design company, the company has transitioned into an eco-furniture design hub of innovation. Their modern furniture style will bring any office space to life, a big reason why they are in high demand worldwide.


Furniture Type: Bedroom, seating, tables, storage
Features: Sustainable
Company Location: San Francisco

Chairish is a platform that showcases furniture wares and sets from designer brands and artists. To make the cut, items are carefully screened by inhouse curators; this means that you have to create unique items to ever stand a chance of having your wares displayed on Chairish.

The Citizenry

Furniture Type: Bedroom, seating, tables, bathroom, decor
Features: Handcrafted, small batch production, fair trade practices
Company Location: New York City

The Citizenry is a melting pot of different cultures as it involves pieces made by artists from all over the globe. Their catalog features exquisite pieces that can only be found on the Citizenry. Part of the profits made by the company is pumped back to the communities from where the artists and craters come from.

Maratti Furniture Co., Ltd. Shanghai

Furniture Type: Office
Features: Corporate, eco-friendly
Company Location: Shanghai

Shanghai is famous for so many things related to Chinese culture, that on top of housing one of the biggest office furniture makers and distributors in China. The Maratti Furniture Co., Ltd. Shanghai has been operational since 2006, and through that time, they have established themselves as one of the leading eco-friendly furniture companies in the region. They sell their products throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.


Furniture Type: Platform bed frame
Features: Eco-friendly materials, lifetime warranty
Company Location: San Francisco

Bed frames are one of the most overlooked parts of the bed since they remain covered more often than not. At Thuma, however, nothing escapes their attention. The beds made at Thuma are very convenient as they can be assembled and disassembled in minutes by anyone without any help without any tools involved. Most of the furniture sold here is made out of rubberwood.

Ningbo Art Furniture Co., Ltd.

Furniture Type: Home furniture, living room
Features: Eco-friendly, open spaces
Company Location: Ningbo

Ningbo Art Furniture Co., Ltd was set up in 1992 as a solid wood antique furniture maker. As time progressed, it evolved by incorporating technology into its design to keep up with their competitors. Ningbo has again evolved recently to incorporate sustainable materials in their manufacturing process. They specialize in living room furniture mostly.


Furniture Type: Bed frames, dressers, end tables, mattresses
Features: Eco-friendly materials, non-toxic materials
Company Location: California

Not to be confused with the famous fruit, Avocado is a California based company that specialties in a number of house furniture and accessories that are handcrafted by some of the best artisans the West Coast has to offer. Their items are made using reclaimed wood without any addition of extra chemicals like fire retardants or chemicals. Some of their profits are redirected to environmental causes in the area.

Guangdong Longjiang Hongji Seating Co., Ltd

Furniture Type: Home, office
Features: Eco-friendly, open spaces
Company Location: Guangdong

Guangdong Longjiang Hongji Seating Co., Ltd prides itself on being the ultimate expert in anything regarding open-plan furniture in offices. A common characteristic of their furniture is how good they are at utilizing offices and houses with huge spare spaces. Using eco-friendly materials, their furniture tends to stay for long and is beautiful to look at.


Furniture Type: Living room seating, accessories
Features: Eco-friendly materials, non-toxic, recyclable packaging
Company Location: New York City

Burrow is, without doubt, the most preferred couch shop in the city of New York, and there is a good reason for it. Their furniture is well designed, crafted out of recyclable materials that are durable and pleasing to look at. The furniture can be assembled and disassembled on the spot easily, and they are without any chemicals or fire-retardant properties.

West Elm

Furniture Type: Bedroom, office, dining room
Features: Eco-friendly materials, FSC certified
Company Location: All Over the US

West Elm is among the largest furniture and home decor stores in the United States, with branches in other parts of the world. Their eco-furniture and FSC certified items are crafted with sustainability in mind while preserving the sharp modern look they bring to any space they are used in. If you are conscious about the environment and feel the need to add your contribution towards preserving it, the furniture from West Elm is exactly what you should be looking at right now.

Shenzhen Changjiang Furniture Co., Ltd.

Furniture Type: Office, hotel, home furniture
Features: Eco-friendly, corporate
Company Location: Shenzhen

Shenzhen Changjiang Furniture Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and retailer of furniture in China’s Shenzhen region. They are known for a sharp corporate look that their products bring to the office space. At the same time, they created beautiful designs for home use and hotels. They are an all-round furniture outlet with clients within and outside China.


The need for more eco-friendly furniture companies and solutions in manufacturing will not subside anytime soon. The battle to save the planet is only intensifying, and since we cannot do without industrialization, the best route for now would be to limit the use of materials that do more harm than good to the ecosystem. Environmentally friendly furniture companies are the future of sustainability.

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