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CIFF- Office Show March Enters a New Intelligent Stage / CIFF Preview



With the changes of the times and the rapid development of the domestic economy, a furniture industry closely related to “office workers” attracts more and more attention - office furniture. As a helper to improve work efficiency and maintain a healthy working condition, its development has drawn a lot of attention in an era where everyone is paying more and more attention to work.

The 41st (Guangzhou) China International Furniture Fair (hereinafter referred to as CIFF) will soon be held in March 18-21, 2018, and March 28-31, 2018 in the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou. During this eight-day Global Home Events, the second phase of the Office Show with its impressive vision and endless creativity will attract much attention.



Create a new world for Workaholics


With the time changes, there are more and more "workaholics". With the rapid development of the domestic economy, the type of office furniture closely related to economic growth is rapidly developing. In addition to creating opportunities and wealth for businesses, quality and professional office furniture is also of crucial value to the users. It can improve the utilization of office space, improve staff productivity and improve the health status of people during long hours of work.


Needless to say, office furniture is advancing with the times. And CIFF, which has been devoted to the office furniture industry, will spare no effort in the Area A, B of the second phase to create a high-value resource sharing platform in 2018.

The attractiveness of high-quality platform for outstanding enterprises is undoubtedly huge, Sunon, Victory, Headway, Quama, Jongtay, Tiantan, Saosen, Wosen, MerryFair, Kuoching, Uechairs, Beson,, Lijiang, Hongsheng, Erqing, Huabao, Dechang, Gaofeimo and other top brands of different subjects will come in March this year, come to the audience to show the latest product and brand dynamics.

The thoughtful CIFF also set up a clear and obvious tour lines for the exhibitors this year. Entering into the Area A of the exhibition hall, you can firstly find system office space, Intelligent Technology Office, hotel, indoor and public commercial space, as well as cutting-edge information of medical and pension furniture; while visiting the Area B, you can get a handy resource for comfortable and stylish seating areas and steel boutique galleries. 



Creative, calm, or flashed bright, whether theme or brand in Office Show in Area A or Area B in 2018 has its own unique charm, attracting everyone immersed in the new office world.


Deep exploring the demand behind medical pension furniture


According to statistics, the proportion of choosing organization support as the way of old-age care for the elderly is increasing year by year in China. How to scientifically create a safer and more comfortable living space for the elderly has also become the most urgent social issue to be solved.

As an exhibition with social responsibility, CIFF will continue exerting its force on the theme of "medical furniture for the aged" this year, which is precisely the main cause why CIFF build 5.1 pavilion in Area A as the theme pavilion for medical and pension furniture.


In fact, pension furniture not only takes the physical condition of the elderly and the realization of various special functions into account, even the color is also a hidden knowledge. Many details of the usage young people do not pay attention to have different psychological implications for older people, more likely to directly affect their emotions. Of course, a number of points of consideration add some difficulty to the development of this budding furniture subdivision, but also provides unlimited possibilities.

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Review of exhibition brand in previous years

“Children regret in the later days not being able to regurgitate parents' love before they pass away”. As the social environment of the aging population aggravates, the theme exhibitions on medical furniture for aged are getting hotter and hotter. As we will see in 2018 CIFF 5.1 pavilion, the exhibition hosts and more than a dozen exhibitors such as Jinlu, Waltz medical, Vou, Igoldenof, Boxuan and Depin will showcase the rapid development trends of the market and the latest technological breakthroughs of medical furniture for the aged from the point to the surface, providing a more humane and high-tech solution to the social problem of pension.

In addition, the establishment of this pavilion also provides a public platform for medical devices and medical furniture industry, so that we can know the demand of this special furniture market and its use value different from other furniture categories.


New Blueprint for Intelligent Offices


With the development of science and technology, the footsteps of the era of big data informatization quietly rise, and we are also demanding more and more intelligent work environment. How to create an intelligent office scenario has long been the pursuit of many potential businesses.


Review of Office Show in previous years

Making the intelligence and office scenes closer is also the priority among priorities of the 2018 CIFF Office Show.

For example, the system office space located in 1.1-5.1 / 3.2-4.2 of Area A focuses on managing elements of scientific office space, systematically improving the comfort of the office environment, bringing more freedom, more humaneness and more people-environmental interaction smart office style, the trends of new office furniture and space will be the perfect fusion here.


Exhibition brand of the current Office Show: Hongsheng

At the same time, the Intelligent Technology Office at 5.2 Area A shows us more than just the possibilities of office furniture, but also offers an unproblematic guess for the future of office space.

Intelligent office brands here, such as Loctek, Jiechang, OMT, Aoke, CONSET, Chuangqi, hope to create a comprehensive, all-round, and advance-equipped office space for the buyers, and provide the most integrated and intelligent system solutions for commercial office space.



In addition the high-end intelligent system, the practicability and security for daily work cannot be ignored. The Steel Boutique Pavilion located in 12.2 Area B will not only bring latest safes, steel filing cabinets and other products from the best steel furniture companies, but also show us steel furniture products of more rich theme. Under their guidance, cabinets with sponge, tool boxes combined with smart electronic lock also set foot on the stage of the exhibits.

2018 CIFF even will introduce a laser welding machinery of higher safety level in and bring further product development opportunities for the safety of steel filing cabinets. They will also become a new favorite of “Office Show”.

Cure recipe of OL “occupational disease”

As the updating of working staff, we are exploring the relationship between a better and more comfortable office environment and a more efficient office pace. This time, six exhibition halls of the Office Show of 2018 CIFF showcases the necessity of coordination between environment and efficiency.


Review of Office Show in previous years

Working age brings us the corresponding experience and capital, but it also brings “occupational disease” caused by immersing in working condition for many years. At this time, a comfortable office chair is very important. Aesthetic is not enough, good office chair also needs to reduce the consumption of bones and muscles in working condition, protecting our health.


Review of Office Show in previous years

In this feast of the office, which combining both comfort and fashion, ergonomics and sensual aesthetics, new products well-prepared by MerryFair from Malaysia, Kuoching from Taiwan, listed Company Uechairs, Beson, etc. will be exhibited in the comfortable/fashion seating area, 9.2-11.2 / 9.3-11.3 Area B, providing design sense for your office environment, and improving the work comfort.

When leaving the office to travel abroad, no matter what kind of transport we choose, we will have a long waiting time. Public furniture in the waiting scene is of utmost importance. CIFF 2018 thoughtfully set up such a public commercial space located in 1.2-2.2 Area A for domestic and foreign merchants, to provide a series of public furniture procurement services.


Review of Office Show in previous years

In addition Lijiang, Hongji, Oshujian and other public seating brands that will be exhibited at the Office Show, Hongsheng, Jubao, Hongyu +and other campus furniture brands will also join us to show us a more professional public furniture procurement platform.

When the OLs undertake more and more work pressure, the physical condition should not only get the verbal attention. A more comfortable office chair is the appropriate treatment. Let us focus on providing office efficiency, and having a healthy body that can afford work pressure.

Hotel project and indoor soft decoration stand out

In recent years, the accommodation experience during travel has become a hot topic at people’s leisure. Under the influence of the mobile Internet and the shared economy, consumers are constantly increasing their demand for hotels at reasonable prices and high quality, and hotel products that are in parallel with the market emerge as the times require, becoming increasingly cost-effective and diversified.


CIFF 2018will not only bring the hotel project “of both soft and hard decoration” and interior decoration area, but also will continue to release the latest development trend of “hotel industry” and the latest international information in the forum.


The hotel project and the interior decoration area in 1.2 Area A attracts a large number of new exhibitors. Enterprises such as Jinbihui, Pak and De-garden will show their talents with their new products and ideas.


The Office Show presented by CIFF for everyone will not only be a large collection of office furniture brands, but also provides a trading platform to find an ideal partner, and more efforts to explore the intersection and extension of people's living and office space, so that people can scene experience space trends. CIFF invites everyone to get together in the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, in the warming spring in March, to feel the domestic feast of life aesthetics. You and I will be here to witness the release of the future trend of office environment.

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