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Ever Gaining Creating a fairy tale forest world



Once upon a time, beautiful Snow White came to the unknown forest to escape the persecution of her stepmother. She lived a leisurely and carefree life with seven new friends in the forest. Unexpectedly, a poisoned apple made her unconscious. A prince from the neighbouring country kissed her and saved her life. The Prince and Snow White left the forest and lived a happy life. Imagine if there is a set of outdoor furniture in the forest, is Snow White willing to leave the fairy-tale forest world and the seven cute dwarfs?

Start a princess-like outdoor experience here.



The morning mist has not been dispersed, and the dew is distributed on the grass and branches. There are rattan chairs - simple strips that form the lightweight and comfortable seats, firmly standing on the soft soil, with smooth structural design and lovely shape, starting a sunny and perfect outdoor life in a new day.


The sun is rising slowly. I want to open arms to embrace the sun and to be protected by the enclosed backrest. The throne-like design makes the sitting posture more elegant. The round base comes into full contact with the ground for more grip and stability.



Due to afternoon sun exposure and ultraviolet erosion, even the stones are a bit unable to withstand. Ever Gaining’s each product is woven by the experienced weavers. Ever Gaining adheres to the selection of high-quality imported PE rattans, Sunbrella and Para fabric to resist UV for more than 8000 hours and provide quality assurance for 5 years and even more than 10 years.


Night falls. A breeze kisses your cheeks. Sitting in a rocking chair is as carefree as a baby and is as gentle and warm as kissing the mother’s arms. Brown looks natural and simple outdoors, giving a reliable feeling.



The prince dates the princess beside the river in the forest at night. They set the dining table, accompanied by the moonlight. The overall white supports plus simple lines are designed to give people a warm visual enjoyment, reflecting the conformance to the ergonomic design. The back of the chair with curvature increases comfort. The table top is made with natural and simple wood, stylish with a feel of forest.




Dongguan Tengyuan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. (Ever Gaining)


Ever Gaining is an outdoor furniture production expert providing the world-class personalized design for hotel projects, premium clubs and luxury villas and becomes a partner trusted by the international client base thanks to stylish design concepts, strict management, unique weaving process and stringent quality requirements, determined to be a representative of the world’s latest fashion in the global outdoor furniture sector.


The Story about Ever Gaining and You

Starts from the Outdoor & Leisure (Hall 6.2)



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