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what opportunities will the outdoor furniture industry embrace?




Outdoor life represents a change in lifestyle as well as reflects the new interpretation of people’s leisure modes. With the continuous expansion of modern living space, the outdoor furniture products provide people with more direct back-to-nature modes in changes and innovations. Presently the main outdoor furniture markets concentrate in the developed countries such as the United States, Germany and Britain where the courtyards, gardens and terraces are more common.

Under the new trends of domestic consumption such as the increase in Chinese people’s aesthetic level, continuous improvement on the living conditions and rapid growth of the leisure and tourism industry, what opportunities will the outdoor furniture industry embrace?

The industry branches contain huge market potential.

Despite a small branch in the furniture industry, outdoor furniture contains huge market potential. With the government’s increasing attention to the public garden spaces and leisure belts and the rise of domestic hotels, restaurants, upscale clubs and recreational places, coupled with the new consumption concepts, new consumption models and new cultures brought by the popularization of the Internet, good opportunities will be created for the development of outdoor furniture. According to Higold, the post-80s and post-90s generations prefer to pursue a leisure lifestyle. Based on the relevant data, the entire outdoor furniture industry sees an increase in domestic sales year by year. In the next 2-3 years, the era of mass consumption for outdoor furniture is coming. China’s outdoor furniture will tend towards strong color, multifunctional combination and lightweight shape.


Source of Photos: 6.2 C12 Higold

The domestic commercial leisure spaces are increasingly improved

Outdoor furniture mostly appears in hotels, brand restaurants, mall office terraces, outdoor coffee leisure zones, resorts, yachts and other places for leisure and relaxation. The commercial leisure implantation is gradually changing the modes of our work, shopping and vacation. Shopping is not just buying. The commercial streets and outdoor leisure zones for some large trade areas have greatly improved the user experience.


Source of Photos: 6.2D08 Sonne Minorca Series


Trade area is no longer the only place for shopping, and office is not limited to cubicle or meeting room. People are more willing to go out to take a cup of afternoon tea. The outdoor areas with business and leisure functions have become a trend. According to some well-known outdoor furniture brands, the outdoor furniture enterprises in China have provided better supporting facilities for business districts, and the integrated outdoor solutions from design to customization have gradually turned to the local market from the previous export orientation.


Source of Photos: 6.2B09 Meiyang

New Philosophy for Leisure Life

Bring Nature Home

Compared with the commercial function, there are some limitations in the needs of domestic consumers for outdoor furniture because only a small number of families have terraces and courtyards. Most families only have balconies for “outdoor life”, therefore, in China, the concept of “Bring Nature Home” is to bring the back-to-nature corner home.



Source of Photos: 6.2C09 Yotrio

When talking about home leisure space, almost all of the interviewed brands are willing to call their products “leisure furniture” rather than just outdoor furniture. They hope that their products can enter the consumer’s life in a form of leisure experience, provide both appreciation and functionality and make the indoor leisure space a corner of family life so that the indoor areas and balconies return to leisure.

Outdoor furniture is the focus of attention in CIFF (Shanghai)

The 40th CIFF (Shanghai) will take place in September 2017. The Outdoor & Leisure has also attracted our attention. Such independent theme is rare in domestic outdoor furniture exhibitions. Thanks to years of cultivation by CIFF (Shanghai), the Outdoor & Leisure has won the trust of outdoor brands and has great influence on the industry. It continues to lead the industry development, promote the strengthening of export for enterprises, tap the potential of their domestic sales and boost the transformation of leisure lifestyle.


Special thanks to Zhejiang Yotrio, Higold, Sonne, Lilanfeng and Derui for accepting our interview and sharing the industry information. Let’s meet in CIFF (Shanghai) September 2017 to witness better solutions to outdoor furniture and indoor leisure furniture.

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